About Homeopathy and How It Works
About Me

My passion for homeopathy started with my children leading me to become a qualified homeopath, a surprising and different path to a long career in accountancy

In 2012 when my eldest son then two years old suffered from chronic recurrent tonsillitis and chest infections, he was constantly prescribed antibiotics without success. Desperate to find a cure for him, I tried homeopathy. The results were frankly startling and led me to try and understand how this gentle form of medicine could possibly transform his health when mainstream medication had failed.

My youngest son suffered from severe eczema mainly on his feet and hands. His condition meant that fissures on his feet made walking bare foot extremely painful for him. I have shown his results from Homeopathic treatment below, of course it goes without saying how wonderful it is to see him running bare feet and full of vitality again.

It is wonderful to be part of my patients healing journey which are all unique. In many cases homeopathy profoundly restores health physically, mentally and emotionally.
I also love to teach my patients how to use some remedies at home and I will frequently hold work-shops teaching the use of remedies at home for first aid situations such for insect bites, coughs, colds, burns, injures, children fevers and baby complaints.

I am qualified homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths. I trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education for four years where I was awarded the Licentiate Certificate. CHE is the largest homeopathic college in the UK providing a complete education in the art and science in homeopathy.

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